1014 JTM Casting of a silicone full head (Hands On-Bring Your Own Mold) 10am-5pm

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October 14th 10am-5pm

Designs to Deceive Special Effects Master Class Series

Important!!!! Bring your own mold!

This will be a fun day of getting messy! In this class, you will learn to fabricate your finished silicone head, out of your own mold.  Whether your mold is made out of Fiberglass, Urethane, Epoxy, stone, or Silicone, we will show you how proper "Skinning" is achieved, and learn how to bond silicone to other materials.

Class will cover:

    - types of silicone

    - intrinsic pigments

    - releases and releasing silicone from various surfaces

    - filling your mold

    - seaming techniques

    - tricks and techniques to make sure you get a usable piece, especially when you have no time.



***Work clothes should be worn. A work Apron is a good idea

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