Anatomy tools Anatomy Tools Male V1 1:3 Scale Figure

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Version 1: Student & General Purpose Model - Cast polyurethane male figure with ecorche muscle and partly revealed skeleton. Highest quality sculpted detail, hand-painted and cast. Quick reference anatomical name guide included. Some assembly required Dimensions: 24in. x 5in. x 10in. Cast with incredibly high detail, accurate proportions & extremely high value for its price, this static anatomical figure is designed for basic student & general interest study of the human muscular system, & its relationship with the skeleton. At 1/3 average human scale it is the perfect size for individual learning or classroom science, physical education / training or high-school anatomical demonstration. Complimentary to the original sculpture, this figure is hand-painted with a unique antiqued wash finish. Some assembly is required with this version. Created by Visual Effects artist & sculptor Andrew Cawrse, this neutrally posed 24in. high figure was constructed from referencing multiple dissected cadavers & callipered from a live model, as well as review & consultation by anatomical experts.

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