Amaco Amaco Carving Wax

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Make master sculptures for reproduction with this excellent carving medium. AMACO Carving Wax can be sculpted right from the block as supplied. For large size or different proportion originals, melt one or more blocks in a double boiler. Carves easily with simple tools or utensils. Sculpt details and intricacies not possible with any other medium.

Carving Wax is AP certified.

Carving Wax is the product of choice for delicate and detailed sculptures. It has a very fine texture and can be finished to a glass like surface. Sculptors will love its response to easy carving. It is a hard material but very soft to carve. A knife or any simple tool can be used to carve, but for the professional, very fine tools can also be used for more details in a small piece. Carving Wax can also be used in high schools and colleges because of the ease in which it can be carved.

Carving Wax can be used directly as it comes or it can be melted in a double boiler and reshaped before sculpting. If a larger piece is required for the project, two or more pieces can be melted together to form the shape and size of the project. Let cool to room temperature and carve. Finished pieces can be used as master works for reproductions.

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