Adam Beene CX5 Hard Modeling Compound 1lb Block

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Models like clay, tools like plastic, and finishes like wax. A Sculpting Revolution - Cx5 is a premium sculpting material designed to be used in place of sculpting clays, finish waxes, and prototyping plastics. It handles like clay when warm, finishes like wax, and is as hard as plastic when cool. Cx5 is the ideal material for every stage of your project, from roughing out and building up, to adding fine details, machined features and a high polish. Do all your work, from start to finish, in just Cx5. How Cx5 Works - Cx5 is a temperature sensitive material that behaves like clay, wax, plastic, and even paint at different temperatures. Because it can be used for every stage of sculpting it eliminates the need to begin your sculpture in a clay, create a waste mold, and pour a wax for final detailing. Cx5 is self supporting and does not need an armature, even at large sizes. Mold and cast your finished Cx5 sculpture in various materials. Tools Needed - Warmer: An electric skillet, microwave, lamp or double boiler to warm Cx5 to 125�F for modeling. Sculpting tools: Traditional loop tools, rakes, etc., especially metal tools that can be heated over a flame. Heat for sculpting: An alcohol lamp with denatured alcohol, for heating metal sculpting tools and spot heating Cx5 sculptures. Professional sculptors will want a waxer with different tips for moving large amounts of material and for doing detail work.

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