181129 JTM Proper Vinyl Bald cap application (including the addition of a Silicone Occipital Prosthetic) November 29th 7-9pm

Designs to Deceive Special Effects Master Class Series

November 29th

The Bald cap may be one of the most important skills any Makeup artist can have. Its out there in the world for all to see. No hiding edges, or disguising placement, and skin tone match is a must. But unfortunately, most artists don't get the opportunity to hone their bald cap skills. Join us for an all encompassing class on the application of Vinyl Bald caps


class will cover:

    - types of Vinyl caps on the market

    - choosing size of cap for your subject

    - hair prep for underneath the cap. (due to time constraints we will use a short hair subject)

    - brief discussion on how to prep long hair

    - skin prep

    - how to fix a mistake or accident, (rips, tears, and oopsies)

    - cap application

    - occipital application

    - paint and finish


***Work clothes should be worn. A work Apron is a good idea

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