181027 JTM "Do's & Don'ts" Of Silicone Prosthetic Application Demo October 27 11am-2pm

Designs to Deceive Special Effects Master Class Series

“Dos & Donts of Silicone Prosthetic Application” 


In this class, I will Demo a 2-part application. One half of the Prosthetic will be applied with everything going great and we will cover the “Do’s”.  The other half, everything will go wrong, and we will cover the “Don’ts, as well as how to rescue your piece when it all goes south.


Topics to be covered:

  • Skin prep
  • Prosthetic prep
  • Glues and sealers
  • Laying the piece down
  • Blending edges
  • Painting techniques

As well as:

  • Thick edges
  • Wrong placement
  • Edge rolling
  • Improper prep
  • Improper construction
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