180923 The Quick Sketch: Sculpting from Life & Practical Anatomy for Artists Class

Sculpting from Life & Practical Anatomy for Artists on Sundays!!!

September 23, 2018 2:30pm-5:30pm Price includes model fee!

This is a studio class offered as an exploration of the fundamental processes of figure sculpting in ceramic clay using the live model as part of the studio practice, taught by M.W. Ambroise. Students experiment with fabrication, tooling and perceptual techniques necessary to create figure-informed sculpture, as well as critical thinking and aesthetic choices focused on balancing the concerns of anatomical fluency and historical tropes with individual likeness, gesture, movement, form, and the effect of tooling on form. This course seeks to inspire students to explore the figure further and think critically about the technical and perceptual skills and anatomical understanding required to successfully use the figure in the sculptor’s studio practice..

Working from the live model in short, single-session-poses offers students of all levels the opportunity to discover and hone tooling and perceptual skills. Beginners and advanced sculptors work at their own pace in this open format class, with personalized instruction in the exploration of individual likeness, gesture, movement, form, and the effect of tooling on form. 

Class discussions will focus on improving students understanding of the mechanics of the human body, basic anatomy, proportions, and gesture. Live model sessions will explore unique possibilities of the ‘quick sketch’; occasionally poses for 2-weekends, or with multiple models will be offered.  Students work in traditional water-based clay, which offers exceptional speed and plasticity, as well having as the option to fire finished pieces.  A wide variety of modeling tools may be used and are available for exploration and purchase.

Each week – A brief intro to the course including handouts and a discussion of the basic principles guiding the creation of sculpture from life: Gesture, posture,
proportional systems and anatomical considerations. The we get you sculpting right away...

A typical class structure is below:

Introduction to the etiquette of working with the model in the studio.
Warm up exercises to get familiar with the material and the model.
Short pose gesture studies, 1 hr. (2) 1 hour poses.
The ‘sighting-though’ method.
Discussion and questions.
Sculpting from Life Suggested reading:

Human Anatomy for Artists – Eliot Goldfinger
Modelling and Sculpting the Human Figure – Edouard Lanteri

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